The researchers advise pregnant women to refuse fructose

The use of fructose in large amounts to pregnant women threatened by development defects of the placenta. Even fructose can cause growth retardation, says Zee News.

Scientists from the University of Washington in an experiment on laboratory mice have established that fructose is a very dangerous substance, if we are talking about large doses. In animals the excess fructose is turned into uric acid and triglycerides. These changes in the blood reflects the condition of the placenta. Moreover, the fetus sizes decreased together with pathology of the organ of supply.

Researchers have found a relationship between uric acid and fructose in 18 pregnant women who passed through caesarean section. Abuse of fructose, researchers believe, can cause certain harm to the health of the fetus. However, small quantities of the substance, as sugar, is completely safe.

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