The removal of hairs from the face

What is the appearance of unwanted body hair? Some hairs have bright color and subtle, others, on the contrary, they have a rigid structure and a rich, dark color. As a rule, the appearance of unwanted hair is promoted by many factors, among which:

- the inheritance (women of the Eastern type have this problem more often women of Slavic type);

the attainment of puberty (hormonal reconfiguration of the body);

- disorders associated with an excess of male hormones, disrupting the endocrine system;

- reconfiguring the body in connection with the reception of the preparations containing hormones.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances change which we are powerless. The influence of heredity cannot be ruled out, and the use of drugs that can alter hormonal background, can significantly affect the problem only for a short time. In this case, you can deal with unwanted hair on the face and body, resorting to the procedures of depilation and epilation.

Waxing is a procedure which removes the visible part of the hair. Shaving will solve the problem of hair growth only for a while. Longer result in procedures using applications on the basis of burnt sugar, wax or special resins (most likely, you were greeted by name sugaring, waxing).

Remove unwanted hairs as follows: on the entire surface above the lips, put a thin layer of a special mixture based on natural resins or concentrated melted sugar, wax, applied to the strip of material. Unwanted vegetation is removed with one sharp movement after the mixture a bit stuck: textile strip breaks against the hair growth.

The procedure of hair removal, it is difficult to call painless, because the skin on lips is more subtle than, say, the skin on the feet or hands. Anyway, after not a very long time, the procedure of hair removal have to be repeated, because hair growth will resume. For this reason those who are struggling with the growth of unwanted hair, like hair removal delicate area of the face.

The procedure of hair removal involves the destruction of the hair follicle, resulting in hair in the same place no longer growing. Photo epilation, laser hair removal - two main types of combat natural phenomenon, which give long-lasting effect.

Application procedures for hair removal on upper lip destroys the hair structure by directing the laser beam. The procedure time is short (no more than 10 minutes), but in order for hair growth resumed, it will have to be repeated several times (the rate depends on the stiffness of the hair and density growth).

The procedure yields positive results, painless, does not pose health risks, and the recovery period after hair removal is not necessary. Redness that can occur, takes place three hours later.

The best result is achieved if your skin is on the lighter and unwanted hair is a dark color. Laser hair removal for people with gray or blond hair will be ineffective.

ELOS (ELOS) or epilation (no less effective and common method of controlling undesirable vegetation) influence on the hairs of two types of radiation: radio frequency and light. A significant drawback of this procedure is the large time duration compared to the laser - it will take half an hour of your time. The entire course lasts at least three weeks, 6-10 sessions. To undoubted advantages of IPL, metadat can be attributed to the effectiveness of the procedure, its versatility, as it will help to get rid of hair, regardless of their causes.

In order for the skin does not appear traces of irritation and various kinds of allergic reactions throughout the day should be avoided visits to the sauna and Solarium. The area of the skin, which carried out the procedure of hair removal, should be protected from sunlight, use a tool with a high level of protection.

The procedure should be postponed to a more successful time in case there is an intensification of infectious viral disease, herpes. Hair removal you want to exclude diabetes and cancer, and if the surface of the skin are present microtrauma.

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