The relationship between migraine and depression

Scientists have estimated that migraine is one of the reasons for the increased risk of depression by as much as 80%. It is not excluded that there is an inverse dependence.

Canadian researchers found that between prolonged migraine and depression state there is a close relationship - a strong headache, regularly attending person is able to provoke a state of depression.

The study involved about 15 thousands of volunteers, which had been under surveillance for 13 years. During this observation period in 15 percent of the volunteers were found to have depression, and 12 percent had experienced suffering from regular headaches. People suffering from depression is many times more likely to have been marked by headaches, which provoked dissatisfaction, as living conditions, and himself.

Scientists announced the results of the research: "Migraine significantly increases, and sometimes provokes the risk of developing depression by 80 percent. One cannot eliminate the fact that there is an inverse relationship, in other words, prolonged depression leads to constant migraines".

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