The relationship between contraceptive pills and prostate cancer

Can't assume that women's birth control pills increase the risk of prostate cancer in men? A new study in the medical journal BMJ, assume that there is a connection, finding that countries where more women taking oral contraceptives have a higher level of prostate cancer and mortality from prostate cancer.

It is not clear why the use of birth control pills can affect the development of cancer in men, but the study's authors, Dr. David Margel, urologist at the Princess Margaret hospital, and Dr. Neil Fleshner, head of urology at the medical center of the University of Toronto suggest that this phenomenon may be associated with exposure to environmental estrogen from birth control pills is released in the urine and eventually ends up in the water.

Estrogens also have devastating effects on the endocrine system, and that, as practice shows, can cause prostate cancer.

Thus the mass use of female contraceptives may be carcinogenic by the environmental factor.

Link cancer with other types of hormonal contraception is not detected.

In future research, the authors plan to test drinking water at levels of estrogen and search estrogenic compounds in cancerous and healthy tissues of the prostate. At the same time, they advise women to adhere to their chosen form of contraception.

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