The rejection of the dental implant

Modern materials and technology to lead the implantation at the highest level, but even professionally done job does not always guarantee the implantation of a foreign body in the human body.

Rejection of the implant can occur for many reasons, which are considered at the stage of preparation of the patient for implantation.

1.Features body - thin jaw bone and chronic diseases in the acute stage, contraindications to implant placement.

2.Low qualification of the doctor. Before implantation saniyede all mouth and if needs be treated teeth, eliminates inflammation of the gums, which often leads to the rejection of the artificial tooth. Lack of training can lead to the installation of the tooth is not in his place, and soon manifested symptoms of periimplantitis.

3.Improper selection of the implant, the error in its design (the curvature, the wrong size and design, the connection of the product and abutment work using outdated equipment or tools, materials of low quality.

4.The patient also possible steps that lead to the rejection of the artificial tooth. So, Smoking, poor oral care mouth, high loading of the implant, improper care, recommendations dentist regarding periodic inspection of the teeth and the whole mouth, uncontrolled medications, trauma to the jaw.

Problems with the survival rate of the implants come in during the whole period of their operation. If you notice such symptoms as pain, inflammation, pus and blood, tissue swelling, discoloration of the gums, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. Often the implant is removed and replaced by other products, such as removable dentures or a dental bridge. But, possible re-implantation, for which an artificial tooth is extracted, investigated the reasons for the rejection. After the healing process of wounds will end, being re-implantation.

To avoid problems with the engraftment of the implant need:

to find a clinic, after first reading the reviews patients;

- to talk with implantologist, show his certificate;

- to inform the specialist about all the available diseases;

- correctly implement all recommendations of the doctor after implant installation.

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