The rehabilitation period for the treatment of drug addiction

Any effective drug treatment involves the following high-grade and long-term rehabilitation, which due to the specific characteristics of the disease, and the consequences faced by many patients who have decided to be on the path of healing. The problem with treatment is that after the refusal of the desired drug, the patient experienced during treatment advanced “withdrawal syndrome”, i.e. breaking, is faced with another problem with post-abstinent syndrome, which is expressed in apathy and lethargy, weakness and acedonia, then there is no more joy of man from life.

This condition is due to a violation of the synthesis and metabolism of substances such as enkephalins and endorphins, which in the human body responsible for the feeling of joy, happiness. When taking the drug synthesis of these substances is disturbed, the man reaches drugs that cause similar sensations. After the refusal of drug substances synthesis is impaired, which causes the state of acedonia, and therefore man is hard to adapt to the social environment.

It should be noted that currently in the world there are a huge number of rehabilitation programs for people who have decided to abstain from taking drugs, which can be found on the website However, despite the diversity of these programs, they all put similar objectives. The most important task pursued during these programs, the recovery of communication skills from former addicts that they lose while taking the drug. In addition, during the rehabilitation program, patients are taught anew to withstand a variety of stressful situations, but without the use of drugs. Patients are taught to take responsibility for their own actions. Paid great attention to the recovery of skills for learning, the introduction of HLS, the normalization of family relationships. An important aspect of effective rehabilitation after treatment of drug addiction is considered and conducting psychotherapeutic work with relatives and friends of patients.

Currently, the most successful variant of this rehabilitation is recognized as a method of placement of patients in a dedicated rehabilitation centre, where patients complete freedom when-clock monitoring. This means no protection, bars on the Windows and metal doors. Such centers usually placed in a quiet and peaceful areas, often outside the city limits. The area centers built sports fields and green spaces, as well as equipped with reservoirs.

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