The reflux of bile into the stomach - what is it?

Quite often patients hear such a determination after a visit to the doctor: "you have been the reflux of bile into the stomach". How to understand, what does this diagnosis? Why this happened and how to resolve this condition, and are there any treatments?

The causes that lead to reflux into the stomach bile, can be very different.

1. Diseases of the gallbladder and liver, which are the cause of cholecystitis or hepatitis;

2. Pathology patency of the bile duct, when bile flows directly into the stomach;

3. Failure to comply with the diet, when excessive amounts of food emerges from the stomach into 12 duodenal ulcer, which reflex spasseruetsya and pushes the lump of food back, and it already contains a small admixture of bile;

4. Eating foods that significantly reduce the sphincter (coffee, chocolate, tea, tomato juice).

Symptoms of reflux of bile into the stomach, are:

- heartburn mixed with bitterness;

- in the epigastric part of the sensation of pain, burning, discomfort;

- dregs of a bitter taste or air.

Sometimes this condition is observed in case of serious diseases 12 duodenal ulcer or gastric ulcer.

At the first sign of this condition, the doctor prescribes a General analysis of urine and blood tests, abdominal ultrasound, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, coprogram to determine root cause of pain, as well as for the diagnosis of reflux into the stomach bile. Sometimes you want a more serious studies, which allow to establish the exact pathology of the digestive tract, and what will determine the right treatment.

For treatment it is necessary to observe all activities that meet the principles of healthy eating:

regular and fractional power (food to eat small portions several times a day);

- do not use these cooking methods like baking, roasting, stewing, grilling;

- you should refrain from drinking alcohol, Smoking, saturated broths, fatty foods.

As treatment mainly prescribed medicines, which normalizes the motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract - motilium. To eliminate reflux into the stomach bile apply Ursofalk, Ursosan providing choleretic effect. In the presence of diseases of the liver, stomach, gallbladder, 12 duodenal ulcer determine the volume of the treatment of pathologies that cause reflux into the stomach bile. These can be tools such as antibiotics, blockers sweatshop pump (lanzoprazol, omeprazole), as well as digestive enzymes.

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