The reasons for the deterioration of male potency

It is well known that male potency depends on age. In 20 years the young man is ready to have sex around the clock, to apologize, saying that they quickly finished. For 30 years the man calms down, his life becomes calm and measured. Forty year old man, already thanks to its experience and still remaining forces, ready to a much greater extent to surprise your partner. But in the fifty years before the man begins to loom terrible disease impotence. Due to age-related changes - reduces the production of sex hormones, decreases the rate of cell renewal. And although the sex drive is still high, for its implementation have to spend more effort.

But to be honest, we have listed the milestones, it's not so much the milestones calendar years, many milestones in biological years the borders of the deterioration of our body. Of course, it is unlikely seventy-year-old man has to apologize to his partner: "I'm Sorry, I quickly finish", but to save the state of your body in the region of 30-40 years - now it is quite possible.

The opinion that the erection is associated only with the genitourinary system of males is a look extremely amateurish. Of course, absolutely healthy person will never become impotent. But sometimes it so happens that impotence happens when a perfectly healthy urinary system of men, but men fully planted heart stress and overall unhealthy lifestyle. And such a weak hearts just not strong enough to pump blood into the erectile tissues. And if there is no pressure of blood in the cavernous bodies, then erection to occur.

Nowadays there are many methods to improve male potency, for example for a good erection the man should eat certain foods that increase virility and vitamins. There are various drugs that help to restore potency, these include, for example, the mighty Khan in Ukraine.

Andrologists - scientists about male power, male health claim that men have at least 15-fold margin of safety for their sexual capabilities. They believe that man is quite capable to meet the 15 women. Thanks to this ability of mankind to survive for millennia. The trouble with modern man is that he for their sexual reserves are very devil-may-care. And for sixty years his entire 15-fold safety factor is completely lost.

What affects the potency? Here are the main reasons:

- Irregular sexual life. Genitals, like any other organ of the human body, needs constant training;

- Sexually transmitted diseases, which, though cured, but the potency still reduce;

- Pain or incorrectly treated diseases of the genitourinary system;

- Poor diet;

- Stress;

- Poor environment;

Constant sleep deprivation.

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