The reason for the development of arthritis - poor environment

The risk of arthritis in the big cities, people of all ages increases the dirty air. This is primarily due to emissions in the urban atmosphere of a number of hazardous substances. For joints greatest threat, according to doctors, is such a substance, such as sulfur dioxide.

Researchers in many clinics was conducted the analysis of data on patients is diagnosed with arthritis. Processed over 2 thousand medical records of patients with diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as approximately 90 thousand cards of people who have this diagnosis was not mentioned. During the research, the experts took into account such factors as area of residence, the influence on the organism of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, soot and dust.

Dust and soot on human health a strong negative impact't have, what can be said about the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Increased concentration of these substances the risk of developing arthritis is increased. 10% increased risk at low to moderate concentrations of sulfur dioxide, and 17% at higher concentrations of air pollution above substance.

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Also doctors, it was noted that the most at risk in developing the disease by people from big cities with low income. Often poor people live in bad conditions, because the threat of "gain" arthritis increases. But, still, scientists conclusions do not hurry, yet this is only a preliminary conclusion.

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