The reason for the decline of life - red meat

The researchers believe Harvard Medical school diet containing large amounts of red meat is a health hazard. This diet increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, but also significantly reduces the duration of human life.

However, the Representatives of Cardiology Foundation of Britain hastened to emphasize that red meat itself does not constitute a menace to health - it is not only possible but even necessary to include in the diet balanced diet.

Researchers from Harvard University analyzed data on 37 698 thousand men in the period from 1986 to 2008, and 83 644 thousand women in the period from 1980 to 2008. After the subjects consumed the diet began to add a set amount of red meat. With the risk of premature death increased about 13 percent, and the risk of developing heart disease and blood vessels increased by 18 percent. But the probability of occurrence of cancer has increased by 10 percent. Also significantly increased the mortality rate in the control group, about 20 percent in comparison with the performance standard level, 21 percent increased mortality from heart disease and blood vessels, 16% also increased deaths from diseases oncological nature.

The researchers have concluded - so obvious harm to human health can be explained by the fact that red meat is high in saturated fat and sodium, which in a relatively short period of time increases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease due to high blood pressure. Scientists say: "If your diet is processed red meat in the form of sausages, ham, meatballs or sausage, and you eat at least several times a week, it means one thing - you belong to the risk group. Make the diet so that the consumption of red meat, and particularly processed was for health safe. But it is not easy and therefore, one who cares about your body, it is recommended that, of course, possible to replace these products, chicken, fish and other protein sources".

Food consumption may consist of red meat per week a maximum of two times, but in no case no more. The choice you must make in favour of solid pieces - the meat was less processed, the better.

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