The reason bitchiness women sexuality in men

According to scientists, the sexuality of the partner has a significant impact on how behaves a woman during ovulation.

Researchers from the University of California observed 41 women with long-term heterosexual relationships. Subjects were asked to assess the sexual attractiveness of his partner, his career prospects, financial position, and the quality of intimate relationship with him. The time of the survey corresponded to different stages of the menstrual cycle participating in the experiment.

It turned out, the level of sexual attractiveness sexual partners affects how we evaluate the quality of a close relationship with them in the period of ovulation. For example, women with the least attractive in terms of sex partners had weighed them score by 1 point. Conversely, more sexually attractive men received from their dam, from which came the period of ovulation, sex assessment 1 point higher than normal.

Then the experiment was repeated with 67 other women. Now they were in a different stage of the cycle to evaluate the nature of their sexual partners. It turned out smaller than sexuality has a man, the more nagging expressed in his address women during ovulation. As more sexually attractive partners aroused in women during ovulation, increased positive emotions.

According to the researchers, this is the result of the evolutionary process, allowing a woman to choose to conceive a partner whose maximum genetic potential. The external expression of this potential result in low voice, masculine appearance, dominant behavior and sexual appearance.

According to the head of the project Marty Haselton, before the presence of these indicators were talking about good genes men. But, wanting a stable relationship, women compromise. Because of this duality of feminine nature of the relationship of women and men with lesser sexual attractiveness are destabilizing.

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