The quality of the semen causes mental development men

On the semen quality of men is influenced by many factors. In many cases, the sperm of the men of our time are negative factors: pollution, stress, improper diet, sedentary lifestyle and other aspects.

A group of specialists from the National Institute of medicine of the USA, has determined that there is another unusual factor, which, oddly enough, depends on the qualitative composition of seminal fluid. This factor, what is surprising is the level of intellectual abilities of men.

In the study of American specialists samples were taken seminal fluid at 450 men. Simultaneously, all participants were offered in the compulsory to the particular test, the results of which were supposed to show the level of their intelligence.

It was found that the higher the quality score showed the semen of men who had a higher degree of intelligence. Moreover, the dependence was not changed even after experts in attention was put age category of subjects, as well as the General state of their physical health. As the main indicators of the semen of subjects was estimated concentration of spermatozoa and their motility.

The study authors believe that the development of this logic of its significant role played by evolution, the basic principle of which is formed at the level of prenatal development.

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