The quality of sex life increases with the use of menstrual cups

According to the survey, menstrual Cup or mouth guard significantly more useful and functional than tampons. To begin tell you directly about the device. The menstrual cap is a tank, introducing into the vagina. It is capable of collecting the discharge for 12 hours. When used correctly, one cap will last, according to the manufacturer, up to 10 years.

In total the survey was attended by 1500 women using Capa instead of tampons. Here are the main reasons that pushed people to change hygiene accessory to collect menstrual fluid. One of the main reasons – longer wearing time. Another – saving money.

Approximately 66% of women reported more comfort when wearing and the reduction of vaginal dryness. About a third of decreased pain during menstruation, two of the three women has decreased odor during critical days.

It is interesting and different. One in four women noted improvement in the quality of intimate life after wearing a mouth guard. Perhaps this is due to a decrease in vaginal dryness and enhance a headboard and tone the reproductive system. Still half of normal sleep. Almost all women who clicked on the tray, began to feel more confident in the period of menstruation.

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