The pursuit of weight loss in adulthood can cause health problems

The question of excess weight equally concerned people of all ages. But the experts came to the conclusion that women older than 50 years should generally refrain from attempting to lose weight, writes "the". This warning is due to the fact that these attempts are fraught with serious health problems.

As shown by the results in the University VAC Forrest research, people can not always stay on the diet. The risk still gain weight occurs in the case of a return to the usual diet. As such the weight jumps into adulthood is very dangerous for health.

Changes in weight can lead to diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. This is evidenced by the study of 112 women who initially had problems with being overweight.

For 5 months the nurses lose weight through regular exercise and proper diet. This led to the fact that they managed to lose 11 pounds on average. Further observation revealed that over the next year, 2/3 of the women gained nearly 70 percent by weight.

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