The purified water in the house - types of filters

Water quality today, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired, because it is so contaminated with various substances, what to drink in its purest form is simply impossible. On this basis, are becoming increasingly popular household water filters. The range of these goods on the market is so diverse that you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type to choose the best option for themselves.

Conventionally all household water filters are divided into two types: cumulative and instantaneous. The design of the cumulative filter provides the appropriate container and cartridge for water purification and this product often resembles a pitcher. Well these filters are suitable for short-term use because of the inability to calculate the yield. Use them when traveling to the country, on nature tours.

More serous water purification can be obtained using flow-through filters. Here, the choice depends on what result you want to get from it. About the flow characteristics of the filter can be found at the link.

Carbon filters, for example, can purify water from chlorine, taste and odor.

The device is called reverse osmosis allows to obtain drinking water high quality. It consists of templenoe membrane and a set of cartridges. The membrane removes water from different types of contaminants: bacteria, viruses, nitrates, herbicides, pesticides, salts of heavy metals. A significant advantage of this filter is the presence of a 10-liter tank, so pure, spring water in the house will always be. In the kitchen, at the sink, you need to install a special faucet for filtered water.

Using reverse osmosis systems, you can drink fresh water and forget about the scale in the iron, pans and kettle. The water from this filter is transparent, clean and high quality. In addition, using a reverse osmosis system, you can get at home mineral water, setting the mineralizer or strukturator. Installing this filter will cost more than, for example, purchase normal cumulative, but it justifies itself completely and allows you to always have the house clean water.

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