The psychological factor is very important in the health of older people

The study, which was conducted by researchers from the medical school at the University of Exeter has revealed how important psychological factor in the health of older people, reports, referring to article in Top Sante. The conclusion of the scientists in the study can be described in just two words: "don't complain". The study consisted in the fact that the experts were asked several hundred elderly people to fill in the questionnaire, which included questions about their health, and to assess their own health and activity.

After scientists have processed the received data, it became clear that complaints against sickness and old age cause people to lose interest in their lives, and their physical activity decreases. These two factors be the reason that the health status of the elderly is greatly diminished.

As correctly noted by one of the participants in the study, when a man sees what he is old and feeble, he begins to behave as befits the weak and old people.

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