The psychological aspect of sex life after prostate cancer

Recent research scientists in the field of cancer pay special attention to the benefits of psychological support for men who have had prostate cancer. Often surgery to remove the cancer, reduce blood flow to the penis or damage nearby nerves. The inability at first to cope with the consequences of the operation reduces the confidence of men in their abilities and conducts exacerbate erectile dysfunction.

Doctor of psychology Marita McCabe from Australia has teamed up with the Australian research centre of prostate cancer and the National center of therapy, in order to fully appreciate how affects the sexual life of patients with prostate cancer from a psychological point of view.

Erectile dysfunction is a common side effect of prostate cancer, it often leads to uncertainty in men in their abilities, those deprived of the psychological and emotional stability, which affects their sex life and relationship with your partner.

Psychologists have examined the data for men who have had prostate cancer in the period from 1990 to 2011, and analyzed what measures they had taken to improve sexual life.

It turned out that with erectile dysfunction within four years after treatment for prostate cancer is faced 60-85 percent of men.

"Even if the patient was able to overcome erectile dysfunction, it can return just because a man does not feel confident," says Dr. McCabe.

From 740 research on recovery after prostate cancer only 16 was devoted to the psychological support of men after suffering. Typically, the help of psychologists or therapists in a group or on an individual basis is very important for survivors and recover after this type of cancer.

The most effective tactic has been recognized as individual psychological support, which discusses the sexual life of the patient, but the doctor does not deal with the issue of relations between the pair.

Simple support and exciting conversations on the patient the subject of his male power already give a significant increase of self-confidence and help him deal with the dysfunction.

According to experts in the United States from erectile dysfunction suffer 30 million men, and doctor visits per year, only 1.5 million people. Doctors urged not to ignore the problem and be sure to talk about it with your therapist, this conversation itself can have a positive effect.

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