The psychological and physiological pain protects against stress

According to the authoritative American news channel MSNBC, negative life events have a positive impact on people. It is believed that this hardening can be well prepared the body to stress. This opinion is shared by scientist mark cieri (University of Buffalo). Negative experience gives a sense of control over the past unpleasant situation. He also teaches people to cope with the situation, due to cell growth in certain areas of the brain, and establishes a social network that helps keep unpleasant situations. This applies to both physiological and psychological pain. As strange as it may seem, but it really is.

The study was conducted the following experiment: researchers asked men and women to recall unpleasant situation that happened in their life (illness, fears, the death of loved ones, Pets, separation and so on). Thus it was necessary to dip their hands in very cold water. As a rule, who in life was most unpleasant moments, coped better with the test cold.

When conducting another study found that people who had a lot of negative situations or people with normal harmonious life, most of them were confronted with lower back pain. The perfect amount of negativity that can harden a person's moral, alas, is still unknown. Perhaps in the distant future, psychiatrists will prescribe their patients a certain negativity that they must experience, including physical pain. Of course, it sounds very paradoxical, but their future we do not know and judge what it will be for all of us, can't.

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