The prospect for the coming years - industrial production vessels

American scientists from the company Cytograft Tissue Engineering in the laboratory were able to grow Vienna, meets all the requirements for a successful heart operations, including assistance to children who are observed defects of the heart valves, reports The Daily Mail. For new veins require skin cells and a few weeks time.

In addition to a breakthrough in the field of cardiology, new development will greatly facilitate the lives of patients at the state of his health compelled to pass through the dialysis procedure. Past attempts to create an artificial circulatory system relied on materials-synthetics. Vienna did not possess enough strength and significantly increased the risk of infections. The latest technology gives the opportunity to make doctors a gift in the form of a durable and safe veins.

The method of manufacture is as follows: with the skin of hands takes a small sample of cells. These cells produce elastic and durable protein collagen, and then in the laboratory and grown and expanded. Goal is to obtain a thin sheet of cells. Subsequently, the obtained sheet collapses and absorbs nutrients - this allows the layers kind of "list" to tie and to form a monolithic tube. Final stage - tube is covered with another layer of cells.

Thus, scientists have been able to receive vessels whose length is 20 inches. The use of donor cells, according to the developers, provides an opportunity to deliver vessels on the production flow and to store them before X hours in the refrigerator.

Today veins produced by donor cells, already transplanted three patients diagnosed with severe kidney disease. While the "grown" implants work in normal mode. No immune response or rejection was not recorded. However, this technology is quite expensive. For every "grown" Vienna has to spend several thousand dollars.

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