The pros and cons of a day dream

A little sleep, at least take a NAP after lunch, undoubtedly, useful for people suffering from sleep disorder. However, in the case of insomnia, the body, and so reduced the desire to sleep at night, and NAPs can only worsen the situation.

Before a meal, peacefully to curl up on the sofa, think about the impact of even a half-hour's sleep on your ability to sleep at night.

During the day

If you do not have problems falling asleep, a little NAP during the day will not only prevent, but also relieve fatigue, making the day more productive. In addition, a 2008 study has shown that 45-minute sleep in the daytime can improve memory. And still before it became known that it lowers blood pressure.

Problem to sleep at night

If you have insomnia, daytime sleep is better to refrain, even in case of extreme fatigue. NAPs is contraindicated in people with sleep disorders caused by stress, illness or change the time zone.

"Even a short sleep during the day can significantly reduce the time night's rest," says Ralph Downey, Director of the center for medical research California. In this case, take a NAP during the day means to maintain unhealthy mode fragmented sleep.

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