The propensity for pedophilia laid deeper than expected - the scientists

Previously it was thought that the phenomenon of pedophilia is associated with physical or mental disabilities that result from the child's psychological trauma. Indeed, the researchers note, this is one of the predisposing factors. However, recent studies show that the propensity for this disease written in human biology, writes The Times of India.

Study author James Kantor from the Centre for addiction and mental health in Toronto conducted a study which found that there is a group of men (from 1 to 5 percent of the normal male population), which was originally inclined to desire to get closer to young children. Data were proved in the course of the experiment. Different men were shown pictures of naked people, including children. Meanwhile, the scientists measured the activity of the blood flow in the penis.

Research has proven that predisposed to pedophilia low men. Mental pathology was detected in 4 times more often in left-handers, and the level of intelligence and logical thinking these people was slightly reduced. Often in the past attended the children's psychological trauma.

Scientists have noted that some of the investigated characteristics of the inherent nature and affect them is not possible. This gave the right to assume that the propensity for pedophilia may be congenital in nature.

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