The project "Dance" from the health Ministry of Russia

The Ministry runs on Muz-TV dance project in the framework of the program of formation of a healthy lifestyle. Boys and girls will compete for recognition and surprise us with their dancing and talents.

The project "Dance" launched in support of a healthy lifestyle, it will be part of a healthy active youth, seeking only their work and talent. 8 November 15 dance teams will make the dance battles and talk about what they are doing in order to be in good shape.

To participate in the casting could be anyone by posting a video with her dancing on the website of the TV channel. Muz-TV has received a huge amount of videos from all over Russia. The participants of the reality show will have to show not only their dance success, but also to talk about how they train, eat and what lifestyle they lead, to reach the heights in their business. According to officials from the Ministry "dance" has become an argument among youth in favor of a healthy lifestyle, because dancing is much more fun and enjoyable harmful habits such as alcohol is Smoking.

Reality shows can be viewed from Tuesday to Friday on channel Muz-TV 18:15.

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