The program for smartphones will help to diagnose epilepsy and stroke

In a short time on the market for mobile applications will be programs that, without participation of the doctor to diagnose epilepsy and to get advice on the treatment of stroke. Data published by Medical News Today.

To create applications for the detection of epilepsy were analysed 67 clinical cases. Scholars interested in the nature and frequency of attacks. The collected data were processed and examined 132 patients with epilepsy. It turned out that the application was inferior medical diagnosis only 9% (accuracy of diagnosis fell from 96% to 87%). The results allow to consider the program for the smartphone as an additional element of the diagnosis of the disease.

The second application is aimed at preserving treatment of patients with severe stroke. The physician should keep in mind all patient data. The program assumes this responsibility, processes them and provides the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

In addition, the app includes a timer and a phonebook with the contacts of experts in the field of stroke treatment. The development is unique. Developers believe in its success and hope that it will find its application in medical practice.

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