The process of losing weight interferes with romance

Weight loss in some cases is a useful process that helps to organize the work of the whole organism. Weight reduction when excess will reduce the risk of developing diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. However, not all spheres of human life, the loss is reflected positively. American scientists published in the journal Health Communication article, which says that losing weight can hinder the development of a romantic relationship.

When monitoring 42 pairs, in which one of the partners is rapidly lost a lot of weight in a short period of more than 15 kilograms, scientists have established that this weight loss sometimes led to a serious rift in the relationship. It turns out that the partners began to have problems in the sexual sphere, and changes in lifestyle are not always adequately considered. In fact, scientists believe that it is necessary to pay quite a lot of time and effort to keep in shape. This is often and cause separation.

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It is quite possible that the cause of stress exposure on the nervous system, which is experiencing a certain amount of shock in response to changes in the body.

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