The procedure is pain in childhood eliminates the growth of wisdom teeth

A new study conducted by American scientists revealed a rather unusual fact. As it turned out, in children treated teeth with the use of anesthesia, subsequently could not grow wisdom teeth. To this opinion of the specialists of the medical school tufts, who was watching the children treated teeth. In this study involved several hundred children, and therefore it can be called large. Every year millions of adults all over the world come to the dentist with a request to remove their wisdom teeth, they have a lot of trouble.

These teeth are also called third molars. They are at the very end and grow in a fairly late adolescence or after twenty years. Their appearance causes harm to other teeth, they are difficult to clean, and that is why they are more likely to deteriorate. Some doctors advise to remove them immediately after birth and, thereby, avoid high temperature, pain, and in special cases of speech disorders.

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Permanent teeth of man are formed during the time of his birth, but also of wisdom teeth. During the study, the experts have studied x-rays of 400 children, which you could see, when I started to grow wisdom teeth. The 220 children in the growth process began at the age of two to six years. 63 patients were injected with lidocaine for pain. In 8 percent of children after the injections was not observed rudiments mentioned teeth, meaning they will not appear ever. According to scientists, this phenomenon is due to the fact that during the procedure, anesthesia needle injure the root of wisdom tooth. There is also a hypothesis that the reason lies in the means for anesthesia.

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