The pressure during pregnancy - when to pay attention?

Pregnancy is the period when a woman should pay special attention to their health, in particular, changes in blood pressure in either direction from the usual indicators.

In healthy pregnant women often show a slight decrease in pressure, especially in early pregnancy. This is why dizziness, tinnitus, weakness and nausea in an abrupt change of position. This shows the reconstruction of a woman's body and should not cause concern if the symptoms do not significantly violate the General health of the pregnant and the pressure different from the usual 5-10 units.

This condition is easy to correlate the normalization of the power and time of day and sleep pregnant women, active walks in the fresh air intake of vitamins.

In the event of a significant pressure reduction and deterioration of the danger of impaired circulation in the placenta and oxygen deficiency in the fetus. In such situations, you should consult a gynecologist, a leading pregnancy and to follow his recommendations.

Increases in blood pressure during pregnancy should be treated more carefully.

Hypertension in pregnant women often proves unsuccessful pregnancy, presence of edema, renal dysfunction, etc., is Especially dangerous in a significant increase in pressure in the third trimester of pregnancy for fetal development and health, and sometimes a woman's life.

OK, due to increased body mass and fluid volume in the body of a woman, in the second half of pregnancy allowable pressure increase by 5-10 units, but no more. Even in this case, the woman should reconsider your diet and lifestyle: to exclude harmful products, salted, canned, spicy, sweet and oily, more walk in the fresh air.

If the pressure of the pregnant repeatedly increases and more than 15 units, health is deteriorating, there are visual disturbances, perturbations of the fetus become more or less active, of course, you must inform your doctor and undergo the necessary tests (blood and urine analysis, ultrasound).

It is not uncommon for a normal pressure, the condition of the pregnant woman and the foetus enough activities such as: special diet, herbal teas and some medications.

However, it must be remembered that the high pressure in pregnancy can be a symptom of such grave conditions like preeclampsia, nephropathy and eclampsia. Therefore, you should not do at home self-treatment in the form of acupressure, taking people's money and so on, Significant pressure fluctuations always affect the blood supply to the fetus, nutrition and development, so be sure to consult a doctor in such cases.

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