The President of Tajikistan believes that the profession of a gynecologist should learn only women

Features of the religious loyalties of the population of Tajikistan include the fact that obstetricians-gynecologists should be only women, approved on Friday, the President Emomali Rahmon. "How do you envision the possible reduction in mortality for women in the rural areas of the country refuse to give birth in maternity hospitals, explaining his position reluctance to be tested by gynecologists male?", wondered President, during his speech, annual address to the Parliament.

He cited the example of one of his visits to the maternity hospital in Rasht district (Eastern Tajikistan), where the position of obstetricians and gynecologists were awarded to men only. "This situation struck me as an invalid, I said that, with regard to our religion, in such a highly specialized field of activity should involve the girls," said Emomali Rahmon. The President instructed the Ministry of education to develop quotas, providing free training in Medical girls from remote regions in the specialty "obstetrics and gynecology". The head of state added that the refusal of women from hospitalization increases maternal and infant mortality.

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At the same time, local media published an article that said that most women are forced to refuse the services of hospitals because of poverty. Births in Tajikistan, the event was extremely expensive (formally medicine is free), and the vast majority of the state's population lives below the poverty line.

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