The predisposition of the child to autism depends on birthday

Scientists from the University of California studied the record of the birth rate of more than 7 million births in California from 1990 to 2000 children and found a direct relationship between the predisposition of the child to autism and the month of conception.According to a study conceived in winter, children are more likely to show signs of autism. The risk of conceiving a child with autistic symptoms gradually increases from autumn to winter. Conceived in March, the children are 16 percent more likely to be born with autistic spectrum compared to July.

Even after making the results of amendments to the education, nationality and year of conception, conclusions on children whose birthday falls in the summer and autumn of California scientists were disappointing.

The author of the discovery epidemiologist Ousseni Zerbi States that the risk of conceiving a child who will suffer from autism, increasing from month to month during the winter and fall in March. Scientists still can only assume the reasons for this dependence is likely the case in the environmental factors and seasonal influenza viruses.

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However, it should be noted that this study of the diseases of autism from birth dates have already been conducted in Israel, Sweden and Germany and led to contradictory results, and the studies of canadian and Japanese scientists have identified an increased risk of autism, those born in the spring of children. So happy future parents, waiting for the replenishment of the family in the summer or fall, should not worry.

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