The possibility of betrayal depends on the person's profession

The scientists said the representatives of what professions are changing more often. In total the survey was attended by 5658 people. The most unfaithful partners were the brokers and bankers. They are followed by pilots, nurses and doctors. The staff office areas from physicians gone not far away. According to information received, changing people believe that this fact makes the work more interesting. About it writes edition The Daily Mail.

Women the easiest way to find a lover at work. Such relationships are fairly easy to hide because the work in this case turns and to the place of rendezvous. For all that, 85% changing women advised not to get involved in such ventures and to remain faithful to the partner.

One of the main problems faced by changing the people is the difficulties associated with lovers after a breakup. Often incorrect, the respondents complained about the rumors. About 10% feared that the working novel will hurt your career.

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