The popularity of euthanasia in the Netherlands is growing rapidly

Euthanasia is a voluntary death. This procedure is allowed in some countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, some US States). This procedure is carried out by medical specialists, if people really severely and terminally ill. The continued existence causes him agony, and no prospect of a cure.

Dutch Committee voiced the percentage of deaths from euthanasia in the whole country. It turned out that every thirteenth death occurs when euthanasia. According to the data obtained for the year 2012, every year voluntarily leave the lives of more than four thousand people.

Since 2006, the demand for this procedure is constantly growing. The initial numbers were in the area of 2 thousand euthanasi per year. Now the procedure has become popular, many specially moved to the Netherlands for its making.

Scientists still can't quite think of reasons why the demand for voluntary suicide. Perhaps it is because of the loyalty of doctors and patients to the procedure itself. People just became easier to relate to death when talking about life in suffering and pain.

A large part of those who passed through the euthanasia of sick the last stage of cancer. To a lesser extent patients with severe forms of dementia or mental disorders.

Four of the five patients who have decided to die, do it at home. The procedure is completely legal under certain conditions. The patient, for example, should you be ill with an incurable form of the disease, which causes a constant strong flour, pain and suffering. In addition, the patient must be spontaneous and deliberate. Before performing this procedure must be confirmed by at least two specialists.

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