The pleasure of eating more, if a person feels a sense of guilt

According to The Daily Mail, a study from northwestern University showed that the sweetness of the "Forbidden fruit" is greater, the greater the guilt experienced by the individual. According to the researcher Kelly goldsmith, it is a known fact that the gustatory evaluation of all products immediately increases a person who sits on a diet.

In order to test this statement has conducted a number of experiments. Initially, volunteers, divided into two groups, proposed to become familiar with six magazine covers. The first half offered magazines on the topic of health, volunteers from the second group were busy looking covers with abstract topics. At the same time, all participants received chocolate bars. It was found that the consumption of chocolates brought more pleasure to those who studied the magazines dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

In another experiment involved 100 students divided into three groups. They got the job from a few sentences to write a description of the three States. The first group had to talk about the guilt, the second was given description of the episodes that cause disgust, participants from the third group described neutral things. After that, all employed in the experiment had eaten the chocolate. The highest mark to the product exhibited the first group.

Despite the fact that in the tests we used only the food, goldsmith believes that the relationship between guilt and food are the final option. For example, when examining published on a Dating site photos of attractive men women experienced more pleasure if they before it was due to guilt.

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