The plastic in food discovered a new threat component

Negative impact on the human body bisphenol A (BPA), identified through a series of laboratory tests led to the rejection of its use in the production of food-grade plastic. Due to the fact that bisphenol a caused abnormalities in the endocrine system, it was replaced by more secure as previously thought, substance –VRV. However, the assurance of The Daily Mail, and that component is the cause of hormonal failure and fertility disorders.

Scientists have conducted a number of experiments with spermatozoide and accelerome mice that are exposed to substitutes for bisphenol A. it Turned out that the animals had characteristic chromosomal abnormalities.

The danger of BPA lies in the fact that inherent blasting action continues even after complete elimination of all existing plants. About three generations of people who in their daily life food grade plastic with BPA will have the risk of endocrine abnormalities.

Other hazardous substances with which mankind is constantly in contact, are anticrossing, phthalates, and parabens that can adversely affect reproductive function. In this regard, the experts recommend to abandon the use of plastic products, if they are naked eye visible signs of damage and decay.

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