The picket Kiev medical staff

on may 31 in Kiev took place the action in the protection of the rights of health care workers. The event was held at the city administration, Kiev, participants of which were medical workers of Ukraine.

The doctors decided to organize a picket in front of the administration building of the city. The organizers are a trade Union organization. This Free trade Union of medical workers and the Conference of free trade unions of Ukraine.

Representatives of trade unions founded the picket under the slogan "the Unions equal rights" and "to Tell themselves freely". The aim of the campaign is to protect the rights of members of non-governmental unions. The main focus of this picket proclaimed the equality of rights of all health care workers.

Currently, the organizers announce the inequality of rights, state and non-state providers. In addition, representatives of the Conference of free trade unions, it was stated that the health workers who are members of the Union, may not participate in the protests during working hours, which is a violation of their rights. Previously, several trade unions held a protest rally against health care reform.

At his press conference, they appealed to the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister of health with the application to hold a referendum on considering conducting medical reform.

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