The person's attitude to food determines its character - study

Experts from ETH Zurich has established: the openness of the person and ready for new impressions reduce cravings for unhealthy calories to the food. Only the study involved 1,000 people. According to the data obtained, to overeating are more likely neurotics and disorganized people.

Internal disorganization prevents to eat right. The lack of a schedule makes spontaneous snacking an integral part of the day. According to statistics, extroverts consume more alcohol and fatty foods. This requires frequent meetings with friends at home and in cafes, writes The Daily Mail.

People open to new experiences, prefer fresh fruits, vegetables, eat less meat. For the study, researchers from ETH Zurich have pushed the finding of the research group of Oxford and Cambridge universities. Experts in the study divided people who are prone to overeating, into three groups: "lovers to feast", "people who are constantly experiencing a craving for food" and "slaves of emotions".

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