The person is able to regulate the immune system - the scientists

Scientists have found that breathing exercise, meditation and other exercises help the person to control his / her immune system. As it turned out, there was a connection between the nervous and immune system, writes The Times of India.

Data were obtained during the research of scientists from the University Radboud. It all started with a study of the history of the Guinness book of records. WIM Hof was able for a long time to take an ice bath, to rise to the top of the coldest mountain in only shorts. The Hof says about the method, which reduces the body's sensitivity to cold.

In the study, researchers gathered two groups of volunteers. One suggested that regularly engage in Hof, the second group was the control. Volunteers from the first group constantly took cold baths, lay in the snow, did breathing exercises and meditation. After some time the test was performed on the level of inflammatory reactions in the body. It turned out, the volunteers from the first group had a stronger immune system and better cope with the symptoms of the common cold.

In addition, the members of the first group recorded a lower concentration of proteins of inflammation. Scientists believe that an integrated approach will help people with chronic diseases to improve their quality of life.

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