The person experiences the joy of achievement only at a certain moment - study

Scientists have proven that if a person has reached the target unexpectedly early and just, he will not receive so much fun, how much got his way, full of difficulties and obstacles. The process of achieving the goal consists of its productions, working on the task, reaching a certain height, the moment of the final achievement and emotional reactions. If the violation script blunted emotional response, according to Psych Central.

Experts from the University of Chicago conducted a series of four experiments. In the study, they have found that people who got what they wanted too early, don't feel strong positive emotions. It is when man is able to enter College or the College earlier than he expected, to win the game in advance, without waiting for its completion.

The human body wants to feel a sense of joy at a certain time, and nothing can be done about it. That is why we are not always able to experience positive emotions, reaching for something very important. The nervous system is not yet ready for an emotional reaction.

Professor Ayelet Fischbach believes positive emotions are very fragile substance. Easily converted to a negative reaction. The reverse process is more difficult.

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