The perception of stress determines the duration of life – scientists

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania proved that the key to a long and happy life lies in the correct perception of stress. Positive Outlook and reduce stress hormone levels of inflammation in the body that increases the lifespan, writes The Daily Mail.

Only the researchers analyzed data on 872 volunteers. People eight days shared with scientists about their feelings associated with stressful situations. The blood analysis showed a reduction of stress hormones in stress-resistant people perceiving adversity as a life experience. Women also were more prone to regular experiences and chronic inflammatory reactions. While scientists can't explain what it involves.

If the periodic shake-UPS strengthen the body, chronic stress, on the contrary, weakens the mind, leads to diseases of other organs and systems. Researchers are advised to calm attitude to the environment and constantly ask yourself the question whether a particular problem is to have value in five years. If the answer is "no", then worry not as much as it might seem at first glance.

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