The people of Africa, Asia and the Middle East are protesting against female circumcision

As reported by the BBC in 29 countries in Africa, the middle East, Asia there is female circumcision. The legends says that it protects virginity. As revealed from research studies UNICEF, many men and women do not approve of such actions.

Presented by specialists of the data showed that the mutilation of the genitals were exposed to 125 million females. In the following decade this procedure threatens another 30 million women. Representatives of international organizations are requested to take appropriate measures. For clarity, the experts submitted an incident with a girl by the name of Meaza Gareb, a native of Ethiopia, which had to experience on your own body this procedure, being at the age of ten.

After the girl made on the review of public horrific consequences of female circumcision, one of the families decided not to make such abuse of their child. If you compare the figures, which are about 30 years, then over time this procedure is losing popularity. Three times decreased the number of operations in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania. In countries such as Benin, Central African Republic, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, the number of transactions decreased by half.

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The people of Chad, Guinea, Sierra Leone's upset and protesting, demanding a stop like that. The consequences of such ritual intervention there are problems such as bleeding, difficulty with urination, infertility and many others.

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