The penalty for assault on the doctor will increase up to life imprisonment

The government plans to increase the penalty for assault on employees in the field of health and to equate the crime to attack police officers. The development of the law involved in the Ministry of health together with the Union of the medical community "national Medical Chamber" and all-Russian state University of justice.

Encroachment on the life of a doctor the creators of the new law they want to impose a lifetime imprisonment. At the moment, is gathering public opinion on potential innovations. The most frequently attacked doctors providing emergency care: ambulance workers and emergency rooms.

"The proposed bill, if approved, will help to establish an adequate relationship of civil society to the problems of health and medical professionals. This law, we are not protecting the physicians and the health care and public safety", comment the authors promoted the law.

In the case that the law will, for less significant injuries that are not associated with danger to the life of the doctor, will be fined 200,000 rubles. Causing serious injury will result for the offender's prison term to 20 years.

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