The patient almost lost his vision during surgery to change eye color

Operation by changing the color of the eye for students from London almost ended in complete loss of vision. Senis Farrell has lost the ability to distinguish objects. The girl specially went to Panama to conduct prohibited in Europe procedures. The desire to change their appearance almost ended blindness, writes The Daily Mail.

The operation cost about 13 thousand dollars and led to serious complications. During the procedure, surgeons have adopted colored disks, similar to contact lenses directly to the cornea. The consequences were not long in coming. Soon the sight of the girls start to plummet.

The doctors did not pay enough attention, referring to the usual post-operative period. Negligence almost turned into a complete loss of vision. Soon the blurring of objects turned into a complete inability to consider anything.

Seek help from qualified doctors helped the girl. Surgeons removed the implants, and vision returned to normal after several months.

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