The pair started Dating network, less often married and more often leave

American scientists conducted a study, which established that the pair, who met on the Internet, having a serious relationship much less often than people who found each other in the real world.

According to research, couples who started the relationship on the Internet, most part and rarely marry. Information was established during the analysis of the relationships of couples who met in social networks and Dating sites.

Apparently, the Internet is synonymous with freedom and levity. The result is a huge number of pairs and you cannot save your relationship for a long time.

Only the researchers analyzed data collected in a survey of three thousand people. Anyone found their partner on the Internet, someone in real life. In the case of the first contact outside of the Internet, the pair was formed in 67% of cases. When getting on the Internet married or lived together only 32%. Note that even this third time soon dispersed.

Higher among couples who met on the Internet, and the divorce rate: in the first three years, it makes up 8% versus 2% of couples who met in the real world.

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In conditions of virtual communication, you can easily create a false image that is revealed for the first or second date live. That is why, experts say, on spontaneous meetings with Internet Dating things rarely go.

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