The pain does not affect the libido of men - scientists

Canadian scientists have proven that the pain does not affect the libido of men. Note that among women is a widespread phenomenon, when the pain of any origin discourages any sexual desire. Data published in the journal of Neuroscience.

In the experiment, the researchers placed mice in a cage for mating. The cell consisted of two rooms with a small hole, which allowed the mice to move from one part to another. The hole was so small that he had climbed only females.

Scientists have documented that females with inflammatory process remained in his room and tried to get into the room to males. After painkillers sexual attraction mice was restored.

In the second case through the partition could only be climbed males. Surprisingly, they were interested in mating even in the presence of severe pain.

Scientists believe that the results of this experience can be projected on human behavior. Psychology of all animals are the same and can be studied even in such simple examples.

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