The pain can intensify negative emotions

Psychological state of the person to a significant extent, the ability to increase or, on the contrary, reduce the sensation of pain to this conclusion as the result of comprehensive research came a group of Japanese scientists. Group the subjects were hooked up to a small device that sends electronic pulses with a specified frequency in a special device that was attached to the arm members of tests.

Thus, subjects in hand through some intervals beat low-power charge current, each time it was the same. The test participants were simultaneously presented all sorts of photos and images that portrayed all sorts of meaning. At the same time, researchers from the University of Hiroshima subjects did not say that each charge current has the same power, and as a result upon completion of the test, the participants noted that when viewing a photo with negative content, the power supply for the subjects had to be stronger, and pain, respectively, were stronger. In other words, when a person is in a sad mood, he will experience great pain when other conditions are equal, and when in a good mood - less.

It was also revealed that when a person contemplates certain "pictures of pain" - for example, an injection syringe, or photo, in some way connected with the pain - for example, the disinfection of the injection zone using a cotton swab with alcohol, his pain also increases. In addition to significant theoretical component that allows scientists to give any person a very trivial tip - when you make an inoculation or injection, it is not necessary to look at the syringe, the pain in this case is insignificant. This recommendation is suitable and all other situations-analogues.

According to the experts: "the Person feels the pain for the most part by the brain, but not the body. In those periods of history when Europe was lotoala the Inquisition, and in the reign of the Nazis in Germany it was clearly proved, although methods totally unacceptable. In particular, there are such examples, when a small coin in the eyes of the man stirred and almost rasilimali incandescent temperatures. Then this coin was applied to the open area of the skin of this man, and he, accordingly, continued to burn. Seems logical, but the trick is that this skin was made absolutely another coin, which had a normal temperature. The coin was attributed by some distance from the subject and artistically it was replaced. Upon contact of the coin with the skin of people have experienced the same emotions as when touching the white-hot metal, which is a great proof of the fact that pain is largely a self-suggestion" - scientists.

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