The owners of red hair prone to developing melanoma

New scientific work of scientists from Massachusetts General hospital in Boston found quite disappointing facts for red haired people. As it turned out, the presence of red pigment in red hair increases the likelihood of developing one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer - melanoma, even if the owner of fiery hair spends little time in the sun. This interconnectedness between melanoma and the red pigment is established scientists for the first time. Studies conducted on rodents, which scientists previously introduced the affected gene mutation that increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

At this stage, scientists are trying to understand why the red pigment called pheomelanin, leads to sad consequences. Researchers tend to think that pheomelanin makes skin cells more vulnerable to DNA damage. Once this is proven, the next objective scientists will be the detection method, which will give the opportunity to prevent cancer among people with red.

Earlier studies have already established that almost half of the mice red colour developed melanoma, even if they are not exposed to ultraviolet light. For example, among mice and any other colors the risk of developing this disease was only 10 percent. Scientists had minimized the degree of UV-irradiation, but the disease continued to develop. That is why scientists have assumed that the cause of the red coloration of their fur.

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