The overabundance of drugs will ruin health, and not to fix it

Not a week goes by, another pharmaceutical company releases a new product. Drugs and the truth can cure or prevent many diseases. However, a handful of pills every day - the way to improve the health risks, and not to reduce them. Doctors and pharmacists around the world are sounding the alarm - people take too many pills!

The more drugs takes people, the higher the chance that their interaction in the body will lead to unpredictable dangerous consequences. This phenomenon calls polypragmasia - people tend to take nutritional supplements vitamins in addition to the prescription of doctor of medicine.

The average American receives about 13 prescribed drugs per year, and older people take 30 percent of all drugs, prescription. The day they can take up to nine medicines with different dosages and combinations. The greater the number of medications they take, the higher the probability of the interaction of these drugs. Drugs can work against each other, especially as there is a risk of errors in dispensing medications.

Researchers are working on the problem of the possibility of combining drugs and compile lists of drugs that successfully combined with each other and create tablets with combined properties that work against some of the more commonly appear together symptoms. An example of such successful work of scientists tablets for HIV-infected people, even in the 1990s, they had to take from 6 to 24 tablets a day, today, new drugs allow them to do one or two pills.

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