The outside air for pregnant dangerous as tobacco smoke

Scientists have proven that certain substances contained in the air from the street, can cause abnormally high pressure in pregnant women. Data were obtained by scientists of their University of Florida. The most common cause of pre-eclampsia was carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide. In addition, affect the health of the woman, the concentration of acids, dust, metals.

Sulfur dioxide is actively emitted by cars and industrial plants. Substance through the respiratory tract into the blood stream, causing a rise in pressure, the intoxication of the organism. It is known that in an urban environment carbon dioxide content usually exceeds the norm, it certainly affects the health of mother and child. That is why doctors recommend during pregnancy to move to more prosperous areas with the natural environment.

The fetus is extremely sensitive to many external influences. The impact on the pregnant woman goes to the child. Experts analyzed data parous women in 2004-2005. Just was studied 220 thousand pregnant women.

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At almost five percent in the course of pregnancy was hypertension. The presence of high levels of hazardous substances in the air in the first two trimesters, the researchers note, increases the risk of fetal abnormalities. Scientists can't say exactly at what time the influence of chemical substances particularly affects the health of the child.

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