The outbreak of a dangerous flu recorded in Thailand

In the province of Nakhon Ratchasima (northeast Thailand) recorded 41 people infected with H1N1 influenza. These data were confirmed through laboratory studies, reports Agency Xinhua, in turn referring to the Ministry of health.

CAMRON Chaisiri the inspector General of the Ministry of health emphasizes: "for the First time the infection was identified in early June. Treatment today in a Psychiatric hospital, Nakhon Ratchasima Rajanagarindra are 35 men and six women, including six members of the medical staff of the hospital. The results of the preliminary investigation showed that the first victim of the flu is a patient who is in the hospital undergoing treatment for alcoholism (disease identified 12 June)".

According to reports from the official sources, all patients were provided with anti-influenza drugs and the lives of those infected are not in danger.

Meanwhile, in a Psychiatric hospital introduced a temporary ban on the admission of new victims of the new virus until such time as the flu will not leave its walls completely. Also conducted a survey of schools surrounding schools. Today the flu in schools is not detected.

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