The orgasm was useful for women and can serve as an anesthetic

According to Professor Bari Komisarek, orgasm can act as an excellent analgesic, which, in turn, makes it an indispensable tool, for example, during childbirth. In addition, orgasm can be applied against depression, anxiety, and various addictions.

According to The Telegraph, this effect is achieved due to the following: when the orgasm, the blood enters the brain of the person is much harder than at rest. The blood supplies to the brain not only nutrients, but not less nourishing oxygen that does not adversely affect the work of the grey matter. By the way, classes crosswords and various puzzles about the same effect on brain development, but it concerns only certain sections of the mental body. As for the beneficial effects of the orgasm, it applies to all areas of the brain without exception.

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After the study group of women volunteers, the scientist made this conclusion. He argues that the sheer pleasure of being able to generate brain cells, and orgasm them helps. He is sure that it is still unclear what part of the brain responsible for pleasure, but when it becomes fully known, it will be open to use in medical purposes.

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