The opportunity arose for treatment of tremor of the limbs by means of ultrasound

The patient Tony Lightfoot for a long time suffered from tremor of the limbs. The cause of this disease was the violation of the brain. Thanks to a new method of therapy, the patient's condition is much improved. Lightfoot became the fifth patient, where canadian physicians tested the influence of ultrasound on the brain area, which causes tremor, writes

Five-hour procedure, during which the area in the thalamus was sent 1024 waves of ultrasonic radiation through the cranial box patient, tremor of the right hand was cured. Doctors conducting these tests, very impressed and pleased with the results of their work.

At the moment, a tremor in this patient is observed only in the case when he wants to make any movement. At rest tremor there. During the procedure, cool the brain of the patient, and the process was overseen by MRI. It guaranteed the precision of this process. Any awkward movement, and the patient could be affected zone, the result of which could disrupt speech or appear paralysis.

It should be noted that ultrasound has already been applied in medicine for the treatment of uterine fibroids and bone cancer.

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