The oncologists have a new weapon against cancer

Established method of cancer treatment may change the idea of doctors about the possibilities of cancer therapy. This is based on the use of immune cells to destroy the cancer cells growth. The introduction of this drug, the study showed, activates the inner power of the body to fight disease. Another method may be used in the prevention of cancer. However, there is a new way of treatment and its nuances, writes The Telegraph.

The cells created by scientists, have immune memory. The method of treatment done to test for 26 patients with lymphoblastic leukemia. In the acute form of the disease one can live a maximum of 5 months. The use of immune cells resulted in complete remission in 18 patients, which is a very encouraging result.

Now conducted additional experiments and research to improve the method. Perhaps in the coming years medicine will receive a fundamentally new and effective method of cancer treatment.

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